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Create your special colony of Flamingos no matter where you live or in what climate. The Flamingo was designed and created using smooth white porcelain china by skilled artisans in Europe. The final touches include the famous Herend "fishnet" design on the Flamingo neck, along with 24 Gold Accents which take this collectible to the next level of elegance. Do not worry about this object of art toppling over as the bird is known for standing on one long elegant leg, but to help with the bird's balancing act, this flamingo utilizes a nearby plant to rest its other leg. Being a rather social creature found in nature, this bird will be an excellent participant for your next gathering, so be sure to put the Flamingo on center stage and enjoy!

  • Dimensions: 2.5"X 1.75"; 3.75"
  • Care & Use: Dust to clean or rinse and dry completely
  • Made in Hungary

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