Bear Hug

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Everyone enjoys an occasional "Bear Hug". You must agree that bears are some powerful creatures one might encounter in the wild. But with that wildness, there is also passion and caring for the ones they love. It is easy to say that one should never mess with a momma bear's cubs or family. These adorable couple of bears embrace for a classic bear hug. Enhanced by accents of 24k gold, crafted from superior quality white porcelain, and hand-painted designs by master artisans. These bears, featuring the classic Herend fishnet hand painted with bright colors are just the piece of decor for you to embrace and offer a welcome with a cuddling feeling in your home or office decor.

Available in Butterscotch-Chocolate, Black-Keylime, Green-Blue, Blue-Raspberry, and Blue

  • Dimensions: 2.0" x 3.25"; 3.25" Tall
  • Care & Use: Dust to clean or rinse & dry
  • Made in Hungary

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