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Nudo petit ring in white and rose gold with amethyst.

Nudo Petit, the smallest Nudo size, features a more subtle yet equally distinctive version of Pomellato's most iconic design. Its compact 'nude' stone is available in a variety of colors and stone sizes, ready to mix-and-match.

The purple variety encompasses dark and light shades that border on pink. The most sought-after color is an intense, brilliant dark purple, which is often set in bands or zones. The name comes from the ancient Greek words a- (“not”) and méthystos (“intoxicated”) meaning: ‘not intoxicated’ as it was believed to protect from the effects of drinking too much wine. According to Leonardo da Vinci Amethyst dissipates evil thoughts and quickens intelligence. Tibetans consider Amethyst sacred for the Buddha and make prayer beads from it. It is the gemstone used to commemorate the 6th wedding anniversary. Amethyst is used in the “Nudo”, “M’ama non m’ama” and “Ritratto” collections.

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