MICHAEL ARAM Pine Cone Cocktail Napkin Holder

Pine Cone Cocktail Napkin Holder

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The smell of fresh pine is one of natures purest scents. Pine motifs is not just for the traditional Christmas Holiday Season, as it represents our vast woodlands from the coastal region to the tallest of mountain peaks. Celebrate the outdoors by inviting some of mother natures most cherished delights into your home, winter, spring, summer or fall.

The Pine Cone Collection, with its antique gold and darkened bronze patinas, celebrates the glow and warmth of the holiday season. Inspired by a fallen pinecone kept on his desk, Aram has always been intrigued by pinecones and their ancient symbolism. The Greeks and Romans, as well as other cultures throughout history, have incorporated pinecones in their art, religious beliefs and mythology with common themes of regeneration, wisdom, and renewal.

“There is something about the structure of pinecones and the fragrance of conifers that I find so compelling. I always bring cut evergreen boughs into my home during the winter season since there is nothing like the festive way they look and smell. For me, they embody the magic and joy of the holidays.” - M.

  • Dimensions: 5.25"L x 5.25"W;1.5 " Tall
  • Care & Use: Refill napkins with your favorite designs and color schemes
  • Made in India

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