HEREND Navity Camel Blue With Multicolors

Navity Camel Blue With Multicolors

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Camels, Wisemen, Bright Star, Navity and the Holy Family evoke memories of Christmas. Each unique figurine holds a special meaning an may be featured year round in your home or office. To the delight of many, these special depictions are held for display until the beginning of Avent and bought out to share with family and friends. The camel can be positioned in your living space as you choose and its beauty will be a delight.

Individually created and handpainted by some of the most talented artisians in Europe, true to Old Master world painting techniques. Rich colors, highlighted with touches of 24K Gold paint.

  • Dimensions: 5.75" X 5"
  • Care & Use: Dust or gently handwash; dry
  • Made in Hungary

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