Miniature Scallop Shell

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The Scallop Shell is a treasure to be found along the beaches of the world. The actual Scallop is considered to be a cosmopolitan delicacy worldwide and is most prevalently found in works of art. Herend recognizes the shell for its outward beauty and their artists covey its rich pattern in their creation of hand-painted shells for home decor. It is a perfect gift item, suitable for numerous topics as it is often selected to remind someone of a directional symbol of a pilgrimage journey along the Camino toward Santiago Spain. Highlights include a 24K Handpainted Gold base for the extra look of splendid luxury.

Available in colorful presentations of Key Lime, Rust, Green, Raspberry, and Blue

  • Dimensions: 2.25" X 2.25"
  • Care & Use: Dust to clean; or rinse & dry
  • Made in Hungary

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