Multicolor Bald Eagle

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Limited Edition of 150 Total - One in stock at Belle Cose

Celebrate Freedom, Celebrate the United States of America. Based on the emotion of this Eagles eyes, this bald eagle is not out for a casual excursion and is clearly landing with a purpose. The intensity of this figurine resides with the sculptor who created a bird so dramatic one can almost feel the air currents emanating from its flapping wings. When it moved to the painting studio, the artists deferred to mother nature and simply accentuated the bird's fierce yellow eyes and added liberal touches of gold to its otherwise subtle brown coloration which the artists knew would be enough to impart the appropriate regal presence for such an iconic bird of prey. Enhanced by accents of 24k gold and all hand-painted designs by master artisans.

  • Dimensions: 10.5" L X 8.25"; 13" Tall
  • Care & Use: Handle with care; dust to clean; hand rinse if necessary; dry
  • Made in Hungary

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