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About J. Alexander Rustic Silver

J. Alexander Rustic Silver items are made one at a time. Each piece is crafted and hand-tooled by artisans using techniques that have been around for generations. Crafted from German silver, an alloy containing nickel and copper, each piece is handmade and hand finished, they have a substantial heft and solid feel. With an applied “vintage finish”, the collection looks like it could have passed thru a trading post at some point in its past

Each J. Alexander Rustic Silver piece will be slightly unique and has a finish that looks somewhat vintage. The turquoise is hand selected at their shop in Dallas with only the best stones making it into the collection. Inspiration for each piece comes from the work of classic Navajo silversmiths from the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It is founder, Jason Lenox's hope that his pieces honor this precious tradition.