Stefani Thompson Originals

Earthy & Feminine Found Objects 1930's Fur Clip with Tobacco Deer Tan Leather Lone buttons, tarnished coins, vintage brooches, even antique compact mirrors, all inspire the creative spirit of Jackson Hole local Stefani Thompson. The jewelry designer explains her collection of found objects begs for a new life. “There is so much waste in the world. If I can make something old new again, well, that promise, and possibility inspires me.” 1930's Fur Clip with Tobacco Deer Tan Leather Even as a young girl Stefani was drawn to anything and everything with a history or story. The character of old buildings, antique books, Victorian jewelry, the Art Deco period all intrigued her. Her strong desire to pay homage to antiquities inspired her to further explore her creative side. Hand cut and painted leather belt cuff with 1950's earring While staying keen to rising fashion trends, Stefani’s true passion is to repurpose. Modernizing each element with raw, rustic leathers, antlers and horns, the beauty of her collection lies within seamlessly uniting the old with the new. 1950's Collar Necklace with Leaf Detail and Antler Tip Drops While many of her pieces demand a night on the town Stefani’s most valued rule when designing is that her jewelry be easily worn with a t-shirt and jeans. A genuine boutique artist, she continuously searches for one-of- a-kind treasures to make each piece truly unique. 1920's Fur Clip with Deer Tan Leather Cord Stefani Thompson Originals is available at Belle Cose Westbank. Please call 307.732.2640 for inquiries on the collection.