Function Has Never Looked So Fabulous

Lindsey Thornburg Cloaks In a true kaleidoscope of colors, Lindsey Thornburg pays homage to American heritage company Pendleton and her own upbringing in Montana and Colorado. Having the brilliant insight to turn her grandfather’s blanket collection into cloaks, the designer reflects, “It’s really comforting to have a blanket around you all the time. It feels good; it lifts your spirit.” Lindsey, we couldn’t agree more… The designer, Lindsey Thornburg in New York Now based out of Brooklyn the designer is never far from her original inspiration and makes frequent trips back west. Tried and true, her outerwear is tested for comfort and coziness making the collection a chic celebration of American style and spirit. Explains the designer, "My cloaks don't have any seams so Pendleton's breathtaking fabrics aren't obstructed by any style lines or seams. My cloak is simply a canvas for the Pendleton textiles to drape and take form. Not only are the cloaks like a piece of art, they also will keep you warm throughout the coldest of winters."
Limited Selection Available:
Please call Belle Cose at the Four Seasons at 307.732.5612 for inquiries on the below collection. Stella Maris Trench Cloak Black Los Ojos Trench Cloak Tamiami Trail Trench Cloak White Los Ojos Trench Cloak