Belle Cose Concept Home

Proudly introducing Belle Cose's latest endeavor - the Belle Cose Concept Home. Constructed in 1962, we immediately loved the clean architectural lines of this mid-century "fixer upper" home and were intrigued by how out-of-character this house must have been in Jackson Hole then. It was clearly built by someone with vision and progressive thinking. With the clean lines and solid bones, we saw huge potential. Some of the more interesting parts of the transformation for me personally were seeing how well this style of house has stood the test of time. 57 years later it still boasts solid construction with an extremely livable floor plan. Making these changes and giving it a desperately needed facelift to bring it to "mid-century modern" was certainly challenging at times, but I'm definitely a convert now to the style and look forward to seeing a family make a happy home here. "The opportunity to work on this house that's been here since 1962 was a real treat. This house would have been trend setting here in Jackson Hole in 1962, surrounded by small cabins and manufactured homes. I like to think that whoever built this house would be happy to see it's 2019 overhaul." Jane Carter-Getz