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Nancy Phillips Jewelry Show March 8-12

Belle Cose March 8 & 9
Four Seasons Resort Jackson Hole March 10, 11 & 12
Nancy Phillips jewelry reflects Nancy herself, exhibiting a strong sense of spirituality, nature, family and a desire to “Shine the light”. Her clients are of a higher consciousness, desiring to adorn themselves in a unique, spiritual and organic way. A contagious passion for life resounds in her work. Being knowledgeable about the world of jewelry, both ancient and historical designs and the ever changing gem trade, Nancy is able to relay that experience and knowledge to her clients, so they too can understand how certain gems and ancient design patterns can affect us both physically and spiritually. Her philosophy is to provide impeccable, hand crafted and unique jewelry; often using rare stones, for her international clientele of women. Her life philosophy also includes giving back to and nourishing those who work with and for her.