Surya and the Moon

Surya and the Moon

Upon Sneha's mother, Swapna Kulkarni's passing, Keri became her chosen companion in an undiscovered journey. Sorting through treasure boxes in Swapna's Indian estate, Sneha and Keri unearthed a lifetime of legacy jewelry, each piece revealing stories of life, love, and passion. This sparked the birth of a unique brand. Sneha shared tales from her mother and great-grandmother, conveyed through gems and gold, revitalized by Sneha and Keri. 



Upcoming Events

February 28 - 29, 2024 | Four Seasons
March 1 -2, 2024 | Town Square


The brand vows to consistently source quality, be it in class or rarity, using the finest gems, stones, and metals. Craftsmanship is their guiding principle, investing time and resources in working with artisans preserving tradition and talent through generations. Driven by a desire to bridge stories from the past to the present, the brand promises that its jewelry and energies will carry your history for generations to come. This narrative intertwines personal and ancestral tales, weaving them into exquisite pieces that transcend time and evoke a sense of heritage in every creation.



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