What's Cooking?

Welcome to the Belle Cose Kitchen
At Belle Cose, we encourage each and every individual to live life beautifully. Through carefully curated accessories and jewelry, we accent special moments and memories with beautiful things. As a supplement to our sophisticated lines, we specialize in modern and tasteful kitchenware. From KitchenAid and Le Creuset to unique additions such Old Dutch International's solid copper mule mugs, each item we carry inspires us to discover new ingredients, recipes and moments in the kitchen. We do so with beautiful cookware, beautiful kitchens and beautiful meals along with a mess or two. Hearty salads with seasonal produce, decadent brunches that dance with flour and butter, and light, clean dishes that surprise your tastebuds. Every meal we make is created with the lines we trust to deliver the best result, each and every time. Navigate to fabulous featured recipes by clicking on the photos above. We encourage you to participate in the forums below. Let us know which meals you’d like us to make or any kitchen questions you may have. From selecting and caring for your kitchen tools to choosing the best ingredients and techniques to make every meal memorable. Thank you to our friends at Kitchen Aid for their delicious strawberry donuts, Le Creuset for their take on vegetable rosettes, domesticate-me for a perfect twist on a moscow mule and Old Dutch International for their beautiful copper mugs.
Visit us here every Monday to find out What's Cooking and find us on Facebook and Instagram for more inspiration and tips on living life beautifully.