Three's a Charm

Baked Brie Trio
What could be more decadent than a trio of baked brie? We can’t imagine much as it’s almost impossible not to adore the delicate balance of creamy, rich saltiness with these three perfectly paired toppings. Although already delectable on its own, a triple cream brie can be made even more delightful when topped with savory nuts or seasonal berries.
The actual baking is the epitome of simplicity; place an unwrapped round into a Camembert Baker, like this one from Le Creuset. We love the stylish little stoneware crock for its flawless ability to heat evenly. Warmed to gooey perfection it ensures the cheese isn’t overcooked or scorched. Ten to twelve minutes is all it takes, and though it’s possible to use a baking sheet, a Camembert Baker reduces mess by keeping melted cheese and toppings well contained.
Can’t wait for dessert? Incorporate the seasonal brightness of summer berries – local huckleberries being our current favorite – by simmering one cup with a splash of water and squeeze of lemon for about ten minutes. Gently crush berries with a fork or masher and pour over the baked brie.
Sweet & Savory
Combine two favorite tastes by adding a crunchy contrast to the smooth texture of your baked brie. Sauté a cup of chopped nuts with brown sugar and a teaspoon of butter over medium heat until sugar melts, quickly removing from heat and transferring to parchment paper to cool. Break candied nuts, sprinkle over brie and then top off with your favorite maple syrup or local honey.
If our recent cooler weather has you already craving fall flavors give apple pie baked brie a try. Slightly more complex, sweet wine poached pear and apple make this recipe well worth the effort. The addition of spiced honey drizzled on top will have you and your guests coming back for more. Get the full recipe here.