Back to School Sweet Treats
The scent of fall is about to fill the air. Pencils will be sharpened, shoes polished and cleaned, teeth brushed (or so they will claim), hair perfectly combed, and lunches packed. The hearts of our young ones filled with hope, and tummies filled with butterflies, for it’s a fresh start for all. Not quite a new year, but more importantly a new school year. And for our children, it’s the only start that matters.
Perfectly Prepared
This gem has everything you want on your plate. Rich but not too heavy, with the perfect combination of sweet, salty and citrus these beauties look intimidating to whip up at home, but we promise they’re not. Our secret to success? It’s all in your timing. Tackle the elements in a step-by-step fashion, and assemble at the end – or even better, invite guests to build their own!
Cozy Up with Eat Beautiful’s Comfort Food Favorite
Beauty comes from within. Hearing this all our lives, we believe the expression to mean beauty is in our hearts and in our souls. Which, of course, is true. But if there’s another lesson in this statement, it is that beauty literally comes from within… because we are what we eat. 
Nothing is as Stylish as Sustainability
Harboring harsh winds, sandbars, and shallows, Alaska’s Bristol Bay is notoriously marked the most dangerous area in the Bering Sea for large vessels… Amidst the navigational challenges, these treacherous waters support the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery in the world. 
What's Cooking?
Welcome to the Belle Cose Kitchen At Belle Cose, we encourage each and every individual to live life beautifully. Through carefully curated accessories and jewelry, we accent special moments and memories with beautiful things. As a supplement to our sophisticated...
The Basics: Perfect Hardboiled Eggs Five Ways
Simple recipes can be the most difficult to master, the essential hardboiled egg the epitome. From green rings to an undercooked white, even the peeling process can be a pain. In this case, the trick lies in the method itself. 
Well Equipped Kitchen: Knife Knowledge Part One
Knives used for chopping meats & cheeses or slicing into a ripe tomato are vastly different. A well-equipped kitchen possesses the knives you need to tackle everyday tasks as well as special occasions. Although the type of dishes you commonly prepare determines the best knives for your block, the following guidelines will help you choose the best way to select a blade. 
Well Equipped Kitchen: The Three Knives Every Kitchen Needs
Whether upgrading or just beginning your knife collection, it's important to be prepared for any task. From slicing peppers to cutting into a crusty loaf of bread, versatility is of the utmost importance. Instead of creating a knife block with 9+ tools, start with the three essential knives every kitchen needs and build your remaining collection based on your needs. 
Garlic Varietals: How to Find, Prep and Create the Best Flavor with Every Clove
Summer recipes do well with a kick of flavor to balance the hearty fruits and vibrant greens that grace your bowl. Garlic is one addition that is both versatile and inexpensive; from scape (stem) to root (bulb), garlic makes every bite more lively.
Three's a Charm
What could be more decadent than a trio of baked brie? We can’t imagine much as it’s almost impossible not to adore the delicate balance of creamy, rich saltiness with these three perfectly paired toppings. Although already delectable on its own, a triple cream brie can be made even more delightful when topped with savory nuts or seasonal berries. 
Fall Tabletops & Hearty Homemade Soup
“One of the loveliest cookbooks we’ve seen in a long time” - Bon Appetite 
“As much a recipe book as it is kitchen strategy… sunny and appealing, and the design of the book is great.” - Epicurious 
“Happiness itself is tossed into every bowl.” - The New York Times Book Review
Have you visited us at our newly revamped Westbank boutique? One of our absolutely favorite new things is The Love & Lemons Cookbook. Organized by ingredient, it will show you how to make beautiful food with what’s on hand,